WebAnalyzer analyze the web for you

Internet changes every day, domains are created, transferred and deleted. wa-com.com provides a list of daily new created domain names.
You can find, for each domain a complete list of informations such as title, description, ip, page rank, ip location, whois record, domain history (domain age, creation date, previous deletions...).

WebAnalyzer respects your privacy

Whois records are public and you can use the private option when registring a new domain, if you want to delete or update any whois record, just email us.
Even if we have a good alexa rank and provide a great backlink to your website, if you want to completly remove your domain from our database, use the contact page, usually we are able to respond within one or two days.

How does it work

By monitoring registars and whois changes, by querying DNS servers and websites, we are able to index a complete set of technicals informations about each website.

Our database

We merge informations from various sources, we now have a database of more than 100,000,000 domain names and provide a fast and reliable response to each request. We exist since 2012.

wa-com.com has one of the most largest database of domain names in the world, we analyze each new created domain. We provide informations about Host, DNS, IP address and Domain Ownership (whois).