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Find a good domainname is not easy and will take a certain amount of time but choose a good domain name is essential, it's like choosing a band, it's the first thing people see and it has to be easy to remember for further access to the website. You can find bellow 10 tips to help you.You can also read our article presenting our TOP 15 Tools for choosing a domainname.

10 tips to choose a good domain name

  • First make a list of most important words concerning your activity. You can also add acronyms and abbreviations to your list.
  • Your website name should be close to your website name, eventually it can be an acronym or an abbreviation. the name should an easy and quick access to your website.
  • It must have between 3 and 67 characters (from a to z and from 0 to 9, including hyphen, but the hyphen can not be the first or the last character), Even if you can have 67 characters in your domainname, you have to think about choosing a short name ("google" is only 6 letters, "yahoo" 5, "bing" 4,...), it's easier to remember a short URL and in the future it will help visitors to come back to your website.
  • If your website (or the associated activity) concern only one country, use a ccTLD (a country code Top Level Domain) like .de for germany .sp for spain...
  • If your .com domain name is not available, you might want to consider other TLDs (Top Level Domain) such as .org, .net. you might also consider IDN (International Domain Name with some accented characters) if your language allow it.
  • Then you should think about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), words in your domain will have a heavy weight for major search engines, so instead of using your band name or an acronym, you can use keywords to obtain a good place in search engine result for queries relative to your activity.
  • Know your customers. Be empathic, choose a name everyone will like.
  • Usually, when you finally find a good domain name, it will not be available, so make sure to make a list of second choice, or check directly if you can register this domain by using some registrars tools such as GoDaddy or Dom!ze or just check tools listed here.
  • Hyphens helps search engines and humans to identify words in a domain name and avoid ambiguous possibilities when search engine split words. also using hyphen is an alternative if your wanted domain is already registered.
  • Respect the law and avoid potential copyright problems by excluding trademarked names. has one of the most largest database of domain names in the world, we analyze each new created domain. We provide informations about Host, DNS, IP address and Domain Ownership (whois).