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When it comes to performing SEO on your page you need to realize that a variety of your competition are doing the exact same thing and you need to take real focus and spend time on optimizing your page in order to maintain your search engine placement. If you want to move your way up search engine rankings and if you want to maintain your place it's very important that you focus on search engine optimization. The problem with search engine optimization is that it can take a lot of time especially when you're dealing with a large website filled with content. Targeting for specific keywords as well as performing on page SEO for your content can take real discipline but there are some great tools that you can use especially as someone who is new to SEO to help save you time and get your page and any new content optimized much faster. Here are a list of mostly free search engine optimization tools that you can use to boost your Google search engine ranking and rankings across other search engines as well.

  • Keyword eye basic: finding the proper keywords that you need to be optimizing your page and content for usually takes extensive research into your competition. Keyword basic is a visualize Asian tool that will suggest keywords based off of your main focused keywords. This means that you can generate multilevel keywords that will work to target your products or your webpage with the most important keywords appearing in larger text. Tools like this can save you time and money as many people will pay to get professional keyword research done before they create content.
  • Copyscape: duplicate content is heavily penalized online by search engines. If you produce duplicate content on your page your entire webpage could suffer in its search engine rankings. Only original content will rank well and tools like copyscape will allow you to check through all of the content posted on your webpage to check for duplicate entries and ensure that even sections of your content won't be penalized or cause you to fall in search engine rankings.
  • Xenu's Link Sleuth: ensuring that all of your page back links work and that your page remains functional is very important. Page functionality has a lot to do with SEO and quite often website owners will be constantly checking their page and improving it so that it can run faster and across more devices. A simple tool like this one can help you to instantly check all of the links on your website to ensure that each one of your links is a live link. Broken links can penalize your content and also reduce the functionality of your website.

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