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Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a technique used by bloggers and other online marketers to promote their content, attract more visitors, improve their ranking in various search engines, and gain more profits. All articles must be well-written, free of typographical and grammatical errors, informative, and engaging. If you have a hard time writing well-optimized articles, here are some tips for you to consider.

Create a catchy title

The very first thing that you should optimize when creating an article is the title. It is ideal include your target keyword in your title as it gives your page a greater chance of being shown on the higher page rank. If you have more than one keyword or keyword phrase, do not over use it. Only use the most important keyword or keyword phrase in your title. Having a catchy yet well-optimized title will attract more readers and can give your page higher volume of traffic.

Use an effective format

Most writers and bloggers are aware that Google is always after useful content. However, apart from creating high quality content, you should also consider using an effective format to further optimize your articles. As much as possible, break your content into short paragraphs, so it’s easy to read. Also, use sub headings and place the keyword in it. Never stuff keywords, scatter them throughout the whole article in a natural manner. More so, try placing them at the beginning of your first sentence, as well at the last sentence of your last paragraph.

Include Hyperlinks and Build Links

SEO-friendly articles usually contain hyperlinks, which are links that connect readers to another webpage that is relevant to your topic. Simply highlight a word or a phrase to add the website address that you’ve chosen. Moreover, link it to authority websites, so you’ll get a much higher chance of attracting new visitors, which eventually boost your traffic, increase your sales, as well as your money. Do not also forget to build links by sharing your content to social networking sites as this will help you draw more readers. Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media to expand your reach and do not hesitate to encourage your social pals to re-share your content, so you’ll be able to get more and more visitors.

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